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Reasons Why Getting Married on a Yacht is a Good Idea

By Alex Smith -3 November, 2017

Yachts are always a good idea for everything be it a simple weekend hangout or a fancy party. Yachts have become especially popular in recent years for their excellence in hosting parties and events be it small or grand. This is because yachts have so much more to offer than a regular hotel or any other conventional wedding venue. Additionally, other venues are just so common and boring now. This is why you should go for something different that is both new and unique. However, we have listed some of the reasons why we think you should go for yachts as your wedding venue. They will help you in deciding whether you like the idea of getting married on a yacht or not. There are many yacht rental Dubai companies that offer amazing deals and packages on events like weddings.

marry on yacht

Good pictures

What is the use of hiring a super expensive photographer when your wedding pictures all turn out looking the same as everyone else’s? What is the difference between your wedding and those of others? No matter how expensive your photographer is, a good venue along with a few other things can make a huge difference. The lighting on yachts is excellent for great pictures. And pictures are one of the most important part of a good wedding.

Great view

Yachts offer a beautiful view of the illuminated city and its developments under the dark sky. This view looks priceless from the sparkling waters of Dubai City. It adds a luxurious touch to your already unique wedding and an additional hint of romance. With great view comes a great vibe and relaxed atmosphere. Celebrate your day in a completely unique manner like no other!


A spectacular view from the water is a bonus that is worth the money. With fireworks in the sky and sparkling water underneath, nothing could equal this awesome combo! Yachts will give you unforgettable wedding memories which will stay with you for a lifetime.

Great activities (entertainers/dancers)

Give some more to the people attending your wedding by arranging some fun activities and entertainment shows. These are included in the packages and are customization according to your own preferences and budget. These entertainment shows include live vocal shows and traditional tenure dances.

5 star cuisine

Instead of spending so much time and energy on searching for the right caterer that would not disappoint you on the big day, opt for yachts that have all of the arrangements on board including a fully customization menu with 4 star and 5 star cuisine. All of these awesome features are included in the package itself which means you get what you ask for without any hassle.

Moreover, yachts are surprisingly affordable if chosen through the right yacht charter Dubai, and can offer you more than you would expect on such an affordable budget. Also, every yacht be it big or small offers a luxurious cabin as well 😉

So here were some of the reasons why you should definitely consider yachting your wedding away for an unforgettable experience and a memorable day!

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