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Last Updated On August 29, 2023

Posted By Hisham

Mother Teresa said that ‘it is not how much we give but how much love we put into giving. This statement is liberating and beautiful but it sets a high standard on Mother’s Day. It might be convenient to buy a dress from the market or going all day with good behavior and extra hugs could probably do trick. Why not try something different this Mother’s day to show your love for the most important woman in your life? This year bring your mother on-board a spectacular yacht for making her day extraordinary special.

Though mothers deserve to be celebrated every day but give her some extra special this Mother’s Day. A yacht charter in Dubai has everything to make you express your love to your mother. A scenic tour on a yacht is the perfect way to make her feel royal. Here you will find out how a yacht charter can make Mother’s Day special.



Give comfort to your mother by taking her on a luxurious yacht where she is being served by a number of trained staff members. From the deck of a private yacht, taking in the magnificent views, the sights and sound of nature, a reminder that all is good and peaceful in the world is a perfect way to show your mother how much she means to you. Nothing could compare the joy of observing the jaw dropping beauty of Dubai and exotic Arabian Sea in the lap of an elegant yacht. Let her feast her eyes with relaxing ambiance and panoramic views.


Spa – Why not pamper your mother with a well-deserving spa treatment on a yacht? Many yacht charters offer the facility of spa, sauna, Jacuzzi, massaging and tropical adventure shower. She is the queen. Make your mother feel rejuvenating with the special spa treatment. It would be the best mother’s day gift.


Water fun

May is the ideal time to be in water to beat the scorching heat. If your mother is a water lover then let her enjoy water sports activities. From Jet Ski to fishing, a yacht offers variety of water activities under supervision of experts and guides. Let your mother enjoy the way she wants because this is her day.


Yacht Dinner

Your mother is the celebrity and guest of honor of the day for the entire family. Finish your day with a scrumptious dinner. Treat her to a special Mother’s day dinner party featuring saliva dripping contemporary cuisines with delicious desserts. The entire family will love dining on freshly prepared cuisines while soaking the picturesque views on the sparkling waters.


Yacht Party

Do you want to celebrate in a more formal way? You can consult professional event planners on yacht to create a special party atmosphere complimenting your mother’s taste and choice. Treat your mom right to an awesome party on a cruise. Convert celebrations of the day to a fancier party with creative décor, refreshing drinks and melodious music in the background. Special arrangements will be made in advance for flowers, catering, a photographer or even a guitarist.

Go for Mother’s day renting a yacht in Dubai. A truly tailored day with the personalized and luxurious experience, trained crew and captain guarantee an unforgettable day. Show gratitude to the one who brought you in the world. Away from the madness and masses at crowded restaurants in an unmatched ambiance is a gift that your mother will appreciate. Make your mom proud and treat her to a day on a yacht she will never forget. Happy Mother’s Day!

By Hisham

Hisham is a Dubai based professional associated with Travel and Tourism community, he has been a vetren in field of Organization Development and have traveld across the globe for both work and leasure. His passion for shareing knowledge about is travels started 4 years back during his stay in Europe when he initated a FB monologue called "Malang Ka Safar". He is a story teller with a sense of humor and would like to address the common traveler's challenges and need to know whenever he covers any of his experiances.

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