Yacht Rental Deals

Yacht Rental Deals Dubai

Dubai is all about traveling and exploring natural- and human-innovated wonders. If you have a desire to experience extreme amusement in the natural waters of Dubai with classy and luxurious style, then you have selected the right company with its comfy and easy to avail yacht rental deals.

We care about your desires and design your fantasies into reality. If you want to enjoy sunny skies, clear water, and chilling beverages on the sea or need to spend time with a full moon night, sparkling stars with windy lurches, we will serve you whatever and whenever you want.

To make it easy for our prestigious customers, Mala Yachts has premeditated yacht rental deals. Our amazing yacht rental deals not only let you enjoy to the fullest, but will also remain light on your pocketbook.

Our deals range from minimum to moderate and from moderate to maximum rates. We have concluded maximum advantages and supreme hospitality that will boost your joy. Whether you want to enjoy time alone, to spend quality time with family, or intend to invite friends, we have customized deals for every desire. If you want to succeed in a business deal or want to invite your loved ones, Mala Yachts is not only yachts, but your host too.

Make you feel good with party snacks, soft drinks, exciting yacht riding and free of stress services in nominal rates.

We are confident on our ‘want for more’ services, while competing with other yacht rental companies. Mala yacht is a name of enjoyment without any stress and heavy payments. We are available 24/7 to serve you optimum. We have special weekday services for your regular visits, these deals will convert you special occasion into grand special day. Weekend services are supreme of all, by just paying 20% extra you are all set to explore enjoyment, luxurious yacht ride, coastal wonders, sea habitation and much more.

Luxury 50ft Yacht for 10
    Enjoy the comfort of a luxury 50ft at the price of budget yacht with a ristricted guests count of 10.
  • Weekeday AED 650 per hour
  • Weekeday AED 700 per hour
50ft Yacht with complimentary grilled food
    Combo offer for 50ft yacht with complimentary grilled food for 18 guests
  • 50ft yacht for 18 People, 2 hours AED 1999
  • 50ft yacht for 18 People, 3 hours AED 2999
  • 50ft yacht for 18 People, 4 hours AED 3499
75ft Yacht with complimentary bbq 

Enjoy the luxury of 75ft yacht with complimentary grilled food/bbq for 35 guests

  • 75ft yacht for 35 People, 2 hours AED 2999
  • 75ft yacht for 35 People, 3 hours AED 4299
  • 75ft yacht for 35 People, 4 hours AED 5559
Celebration package 1
50ft Yacht 
    • 50ft yacht with capacity of 18 guests, inclusive of cake and  decoration with 3 diff colour  balloon of your choice
  • 50ft yacht for 18 People, 3 hours AED 2499
  • 50ft yacht for 18 People, 4 hours AED 3499
  • 50ft yacht for 18 People, 2 hours AED 3999
Celebration package 2
75ft yacht
    75ft yacht with capacity of 35 guests, inclusive of cake and decoration with 3 diff colour balloon of your choice

  •  75ft yacht for 35 People, 2 hours AED 3499
  •  75ft yacht for 35 People, 3 hours AED 4999
  •  75ft yacht for 35 People, 4 hours AED 5499

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