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Dubai Canal Yacht

Yacht Charter Dubai Water Canal

Come with Mala yachts, cruise through the amazing Dubai Canal with your loved ones and explore some new and outclass trendy experiences.

With the tranquility of Creek’s water, witness the panoramic views and enjoy the flip-flap of waves. Pervade all the romance because you are going to absorb the city’s bustling atmosphere from a distance. Hire a boat from yacht rental Dubai to enjoy a Dubai canal boat ride or enjoy a Canal Cruise. The experience will be pretty much amusing as you will have a look at astonishing sightseeing and will create memories with your loved ones which can be remembered throughout your life.

Canal Cruise Dubai

To enjoy the metropolis through a brand new direction,  Canal Cruise Dubai is ideal. Spending more time with your family and friends, this hourly lengthy cruise will let you a hypnotic experience. With the evolution in size and styles, the cruises are now almost 3.2 km long in distance. Marveling at iconic points of interest of Dubai’s amazing skyline, you can also wander on the cruise. The iconic views will let you fall in love with the sophisticated and enhancing simplicity of bygone age.

Customized Cruise Package

For our customers, we have such amazing offers. We allow you to customize your packages according to your desires so we can facilitate you accordingly. We offer customized packages for all types of events including birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, corporate events, and all other formal and informal gatherings at Dubai Water Canal.

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A New City In The World Of  Yachts

It’s time to discover some new and exciting yacht experiences as The Dubai Water Canal project is now completed and now people can enjoy yachting , boating, and different activities at this Dubai Canal. Through Mala Yachts, you can have a perfect event with your family, friends, colleagues, and employees.

Dubai canal water


This new extension in Dubai Creek contains a wide width from 80m to 120. You can also wander in this canal as much as you want since this canal is approximately 3.2km long in distance. Through this gateway, you can get a pass for many yachting, boating, and different other lifestyle attractions. You can have an amazing yacht charter ride in this beautiful Dubai Canal.

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Dubai is famous for its miraculous structures and activities. The city is one of the busiest and traveled cities of the world. From tallest buildings to never ending entertainment, it attracts people from every region, race, and language. This amazing Dubai Canal is also a miraculous project of Dubai. Since the day of its inauguration, Mala Yachts has also brought miraculous packages to its beloved clients. Our yachts all contain a number of miraculous services and facilities for you.

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