Celebrating your event in the city of Dubai is a dream fantasy for many of us. If you are privileged to spend some extra bucks, then nothing could be the finest idea than celebrating it on a yacht. Yes! You heard it right! Partying on a yacht is the new cool thing in Dubai and people are opting for it. Mala Yachts are a well-known name in Event Management Dubai. No matter what is your event, the experts here will design and draft the entire event with sheer professionalism for their clients. We deal with the events, such as:

  • Family gatherings
  • Birthday party
  • Night stay yacht
  • Corporate events
  • Wedding events
  • Engagement party
  • Fashion shows
  • Other kind of parties

What is the duty of the event management team?

We at Mala Yacht believe that the client just informs us about their required customized theme and left the rest on us. Our skilled team will do the entire brainstorming, blueprint, and inform you about finalizing the draft so that the team could assemble everything accordingly. Be it about your private party or the commercial one, we have a team who can manage things up to international standards. The team is very much dedicated to providing clients with a hassle-free and instant response for their events.

What are the attractions?

When you are having your event with Mala Yacht event management Dubai, then bear in mind that you get more than just the venue! This is the venue which will be in the open sea and that is unbeatable. The yacht will take you into the deep waters where you can enjoy various activities plus some mouth savoring food and music. We allow our clients to choose food from our list and create their personalized menu. This way, they can decide meal as per their event. The advanced surrounding audio system never leaves you in rest so that you continue chilling over the beats. If it is your requirements, then you can also get entertained by the excellent globally acclaimed DJs. When it comes to your wedding function, no one can perform event management Dubai better than the Team Mala Yachts. We understand that what do men or women want on their big day. Not only that we make your wedding day exceptional, but we also make your additional events like Mehendi, engagement, etc, unforgettable. To ensure that you do not miss a booking slot on your required date, call Mala Yacht booking office without much delay. Moreover, there is a range of specially built yachts to choose from so pick the one that touches your heart and rejoices on it under Mala Yacht event management Dubai’s services. These deliberately manufactured yachts are suitable for the big events.


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