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Last Updated On August 29, 2023

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When people look at the best yacht rental Dubai has to offer, they all expect their event to be unique. And sometimes you don’t know exactly how you want your yacht event to be set up. So, you just go with the first good theme that comes along. Now the question that comes to mind is, does that make you feel good? Should your event be nothing special? No, not always.
Even though a yacht trip usually turns out well in the end, it doesn’t matter how much work you put into planning it. It’s usually just average. 

If you can choose from a lot of different services with different themes, your event could turn out to be even better. And that’s what Mala yachts are best at putting together and planning your event in a natural way. At this yacht rental in Dubai, you can find different kinds of luxury yachts. Their services are very elegant and well put together when they are given. 

Mala Yachts Best Services List:


Special Events like Weddings, Anniversaries, Birthdays and more

You’ll just have to go to your special event and enjoy the happy atmosphere there. Mala yachts have yachts such as Desert Yacht or Lotus Mega Yacht for special events such as wedding events or mega-events.  At Mala yachts, events like these are always set up with the most magic possible. In short, your happiness will be their top priority, and there’s nothing better than knowing that people are putting their all into planning your special event.


Hangout with your Friends or Family

Why do we get together with our friends? Maybe to chill out, right? And Mala yachts won’t ruin your mood by giving you even small problems to deal with. You’ll be able to take it easy the whole time and make many beautiful and fun memories with your friends. Similarly, spending time together as a family is important for making the family stronger. And when you’re on a beautiful yacht, you’ll be glad to remember all the good times. Therefore, any event near the water is better in some way, and Mala yachts help make the most of all of them.


Musical Events with DJs

Can you think of anything more fun than listening to the sounds of wild or fun music while you float on the water? All Dubai yacht party deals are always at the top of the list because the city has an amazing vibe. Since it’s one of the most modern cities, the idea of a musical event on a yacht along the beautiful coast of the city is definitely worth trying!


Business Corporate Events

Your event will have everything that a Business corporate event needs. Whether it’s elegance or peace. In fact, Mala yachts is the only corporate yacht charter company that has a variety of services and themes for corporate events. You want it to happen and helps you get the most out of every event you go to.

We are best for organizing corporate events at yacht in Dubai because of our standardized services to our clients. Our Captain and crew always give respect to your guests. Eventually, we not only provide our recommended yachts for events but also provide you with a customized option of events according to your own desire. Further, our add-on services include:

  • Customized theme selection
  • International food varieties
  • Customized Cakes
  • Customized decoration
  • And much more


Lotus Mega Yacht Dinner Cruise Dubai Marina

The yacht venue is the perfect place for your mega dinner with a variety of international foods. Even so, you can customize yacht theme according to your own desire. Lotus Mega yacht Dinner Cruise is a great example of a lot of extra comfort and luxury. It can give you a unique and special experience of a delicious dinner on a luxurious yacht at Dubai Marina. Don’t miss the chance if you go to Dubai.

The mega yacht dinner cruise has a design that is very stylish and high-end. It makes her an extremely unique yacht around the world. Additionally, the beautiful ship can hold up to 500 guests. Its extra-cozy design and wide range of entertainment options will make each guest even happier. In other words, the deluxe yacht’s amenities and friendly, well-trained staff make you want to explore the high life on the water.


Yacht Proposal

Dubai yacht rental has world-class amenities, a skilled skipper and crew, and stunning views in every direction. You’ve discovered your Soulmate, and you may now express your feelings while sharing a sunset. Relax, swim, and watch the sunset with friendly service. In particular, what’s more romantic than proposing on a luxurious yacht? Imagine a magnificent sunset and the Arabian Sea. As though time had stopped, you two savored the moment. This is the perfect cinematic scenario for life’s biggest question. Your Soulmate will say “Yes.”

MalaYacht assures you you’ll never forget these moments. A date on a boat is perfect. On the other hand, a professional chef or caterer prepares and delivers your meal. Golden sunsets enhance supper. Even the most discerning palates will love the food. Love deserves a fancy party. Thus, rekindle your romance on a luxurious boat in the Arabian Sea. You’ll always remember a memorable occasion.


Yacht Engagement Party Dubai

Every couple that wants to start life in style dreams of a destination wedding. In this regard, Mala Yachts lets you pop the question in the middle of the ocean. Want more? Our competent crew on board arranges your engagement celebration under the supervision of an experienced event management team. All decorations are pre-discussed with the couple to determine their clothing, colors, flower arranging, live musical night, and more.

Having a yacht engagement party means you may enjoy the natural beauty surrounding you. You may become a trendsetter by choosing a boat as your location. So, Mala Yachts prepares your occasion so it’s perfect. We know your guests are traveling from the city to bless you, so don’t disappoint them. When they hear about a yacht engagement party, they expect a promotion. We guarantee the setting meets the couple’s and guests’ expectations.


Lighting and Decoration Facility

Onboard, there is a place to set up lighting and decorations for meetings, parties, and other gatherings. Whether it’s a birthday party, a wedding, or a business meeting, we can handle it. On request, we can also set up flower arrangements, custom cakes, and drinks. Eventually, Mala Yachts’ lighting and decorating options are the icings on the cake for their amazing yacht services in Dubai. We think that the time spent on a yacht should be like a memory that can be kept forever. So, we try to make an environment that people will want to remember. Moreover, with perfect yacht lighting and beautiful decorations on a luxurious yacht, our customers will be mesmerized beyond their wildest dreams.


With all these above-mentioned services, it is concluded that Mala Yacht is the best yacht company in Dubai Marina for all types of events. Besides the above-mentioned list, we also offer other customized events services. It all depends upon your type of event and desired decorations. So, don’t wait and look forward to anything further. Book charter yacht Dubai today from our platform Mala Yacht for your yacht event in Dubai Marina. We are pleased to serve you, with you and even your guests.

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