Why Winter Is Ideal Season For Rental Yacht In Dubai?

Last Updated On August 29, 2023

Posted By Hisham

Dubai is the most beautiful place for tourists in every season. You can shop for your favorite brand, eat your loved food, and visit each place with yacht charter. But winter is one of the most beautiful seasons of all four seasons. In winter, the days are concise, and the nights are too long. So, it offers tourists and locals yachting vacations. Explore the beautiful but dark night of Dubai on yacht. The winter season comes naturally after autumn and before spring. With a warm and cozy day and pleasant breeze, this would be the best time to head out to sea.

Ever Been to Dubai?

If you have ever visited Dubai in winter, you must know that Dubai is well known for its crystal-clear sea, catchy buildings, desert safari, and gold markets. All these things look more attractive in the winter. Most tourists and travelers visit Dubai because of its beautiful architectural buildings, shopping malls, seaside and luxurious apartments, and unique food restaurants. Plus, the most essential sailing holidays.

In the past times, Dubai was known as a dry business place. But now it is entirely converted into a tourist attraction. Everyone wishes to visit Dubai, and its places, especially the Yacht charter Dubai. In Dubai, the guests can go on yachting vacations for rent and can enjoy or host many parties.

Reasons to rent a yacht in Winter

The Dubai yacht rental in winter gives you a luxurious feel of glam. Dubai is famous among travelers for boat holidays. Winter is perfect for enjoying outdoor activities or a yacht holiday in Dubai. The tourist and travelers also guide you about the appropriate time, which is winter, for visiting the Yachts in Dubai. They most likely recommend you visit Dubai in time between October to March.

  • Take a break and pay attention to your health

After a huge stressful year, you can plan vacation yachting. One of the great ways to feel refreshed again is to plan something great with your friends or family members. Winter gave you such an opportunity to spend a great boat holiday with yacht rental in Dubai. The yachts have a sun deck which allows the guests to have a sun bath as it’s a good source of Vitamin D and great for health benefits. Sun exposure will make your sleep cycle also better. 

  • The ideal Christmas and New Year’s Eve get-together 

When the holiday comes into mind, we prefer to take a rest but get out of our comfort zone and think big. You can plan for yachting vacations and enjoy Christmas and New Year’s Eve. The crew will make you feel special and believe me you had never experienced this many festivals. The yacht has no match to any other restaurant offering the celebrations. Yacht charter Dubai is the finest way to celebrate special occasions. 

  • Rejuvenate yourself 

Make yourself fresh by adding some water sports like parasailing, fishing, and speed boat riding. There is a professional team that supervises you while all the activities. Dubai offers great yacht gateways and much more fun activities. 

  • Holidays on a yacht

The best way to have fun in the holidays is to charter a yacht. You can plan for different activities or arrange special events on it also. What can be more interesting to plan your events in Dubai during the winter season? 

Party On Blue Water!

In Dubai, a yacht party Dubai is the most perfect spot for your party, especially in the winter season. You must go there with your friends to get together and have a lot of fun and a memorable tour. You people will always cherish that memory. The sunsets on Yachts and that blue water provide you inner peace. You can also take a Yacht for rent to spend time with your loved ones and make them feel special.

Birthday Parties on Yachts

You can enjoy the best birthday party on a Yacht rental in Dubai. You can get themed decorations and candlelight arrangements. So, the traditional food cuisine on the Yacht is more than enough for your celebrations. There’s a proper DJ system for making your evening more beautiful. In addition to the parties, we can add live music for entertainment. 

Business Parties on Yachts

You can arrange a get-together with your employees and different organizations working with you to celebrate your success.

You can make your employees feel special because they work hard to promote your business. However, this act will encourage them and motivate them to do more for the corporation.

Business Yacht Events in Dubai 

Yachts recommended for business events have the following amenities

  • Conference room
  • On-air dinners
  • Elite drinking
  • Sleeping rooms
  • Lavish food
  • Professional staff

Believe it or not, the Yacht corporate events are more memorable than anywhere else.

Yacht Wedding Events

A wedding is the most beautiful and one of everybody’s most meaningful events; two people agree to live with each other throughout life. Everybody dreams about their wedding day, and they wish to celebrate their wedding day with many festivities.

Why Not Choose Yacht Weddings?

Winter is the time for coziness, well-being, even good food, and warmth. For the touch of a friendly hand, winter yacht weddings are best. Make your day the best time of your life with a wedding party yacht. You can get themed decorations and the best cuisines. For personalized arrangements, like a bedroom where the newlywed couple can stay and make their wedding night most beautiful. The pleasant sunrise and blue water are wholesome. You can stay there for as many days as you want and enjoy your time.

Some people say winter must be spent in cozy rooms, but some disagree that this is the only time you can enjoy and have fun.

Undoubtedly, the natural and most beautiful season makes you feel pleasant.

Some people want to spend their time listening to the decks or soaking up the sun during winter. Some indulged in barbecuing. Nonetheless, you can get all these facilities on rental Yachts. Some people like to dance with their loved ones. Some people like to swim, and Yacht pool parties are also famous.

Let’s book your yacht in Dubai!


The price ranges from AED 480 to AED 1500/hour according to the size of the yacht.

It depends on the number of guests and the facilities and how much a yacht party cost. E.g., For a birthday party yacht for 10 people for 2 hours charges 1599 AED + VAT.

You can spend your birthday at many different venues like hotels, restaurants, or yacht rental Dubai.

By Hisham

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