Book Yacht in advance

As the trend of the charter is the new cool for every kind of occasion. People like sailing on the board and enjoy the alluring breeze of the ocean. If you want to spend a refreshing day, you need to book your yacht in advance. Let the crew know about your demands and needs on the board in advance. Only way to get the desired thrill on a cruise is to book your yacht within a reasonable time frame. It helps you get the most memorable and enthralling experience of the yacht rental Dubai. Everything is well planned by the crew and they try to put more effort into organizing your event because of the maximum time they’re given.

Ask Charter Consultant For Exciting Activity Ideas On-Board 

 Fun is all about being open to new ideas. The one who can guide you about fun activities onboard is the consultant. At the time of booking your event with MalaYachts, do ask the consultant for the new and uncommon exciting activities that can make your event more thrilling and exciting activities. Be friendly with the crew of the crews, try fishing, and celebrate time by laying around with your kids, friends or colleagues.  There can be a lot for you to enjoy your luxury trip on the cruise, surrounded by water and experiencing the glamorous ambiance of the Yacht charter.

Decide the event type

 It is important and essential for you to get a clear idea of your event type. Well, it can be anything apart with friends, wedding, casual family gathering, anniversary or birthday or anything. Get in touch with your consultant and let him know the list of guests you’re getting along with and the activities you’d love to enjoy.  Know the type of your event in advance will not only help the crew to organize better service but they can conveniently arrange the amazing experience of yacht for you and your valuable guests. As per the event, the décor can be done in a romantic way and activities will be planned according to it.  

Discuss in advance with a charter consultant about availability of internet and communication options 

We always welcome our cooperate, guests, on the charter. There are all the facilities arranged keeping your interests and meeting value in consideration. So, be clear about the purpose of your presence to be on the cruise. Most of the time it’s hard to know whether clients want an internet connection or not. In this case, you should ask the crew representative in advance. Be aware of the facilities and amenities that you require are available on the yacht or not. However, this is not only cooperating events dependent, whatever the occasion is confirm all the amenities you want to have on the cruise.

On-board photography/videography

Everyone like to cherish their memories in the terms of pictures. Life is unpredictable but you can always enjoy your time appreciating these memories. Yes, it’s fun to have a videographer/photographer on board. Wedding is an occasion that is re celebrated every year, birthdays take time to get out of your kid’s memory. So, make it more memorable and convenient for your family and friend by including this facility in your amenities on the yacht. Videos/photos are the perfect memories for any event and this is essential for you to include it in your charter experience for capturing lots of memories.



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