How to Stay Safe on a Yacht

Last Updated On August 29, 2023

Posted By Hisham

Going on a yacht cruise or a fishing adventure is fun and exciting. The feel of the refreshing sea breeze on your face and the thrill of catching a fish make yacht charters a wonderful getaway. However, accidents can happen, so it is best to stay safe. When you take a yacht charter in Dubai, you need to prepare yourself mentally and physically even if it is only a short cruise. Here are some basic tips for passengers to keep in mind:

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Stay Safe on Yacht

1- Check that the weather is conducive for cruising. It is always best to sail under clear skies. Yacht charter companies cancel your scheduled trip if the weather is bad or if the seas are rough.

2- Wear proper footwear. Boat surfaces get slippery when wet, so wear footwear that is waterproof and with good traction. You can also go barefoot or wear comfortable light-soled shoes on-board.

3- Casual wear or beachwear is recommended, but this depends on the time of your cruise. During evenings or the colder months, bring a shawl or sweater. On a sunny day, bring sunscreen, hats, and sunglasses.

4- Bring travel and identification documents, like a passport or visa. The Dubai Coast Guard usually inspects these documents before giving the go-signal to sail.

5- If you suffer from seasickness, bring motion sickness medicines or take one before the trip. Yachts should also be equipped with first-aid kits in case passengers need medicines on-board.

6- Before the cruise, check the seaworthiness of the yacht. When you go cruising or deep sea fishing in Dubai, yacht companies provide full insurance for the yacht, the crew, and the guests onboard.

7- Pay attention to safety briefings given by the captain or crew member. Make sure you know where the life jackets, life rafts, and other safety equipment are located. If you have children, check that there are life jackets that fit them as well.

8- Leave the booze behind. Alcohol and safe boating do not mix well. Some yachts do not allow alcoholic drinks on board, but if it is allowed, make sure to keep it light.

9- Let your captain and crew know if you do not feel well during the cruise. If there is a need to turn the boat around to get people to safety, let them know immediately.

While enjoyment is the main purpose of cruising and fishing, safety should also be a priority. Fun can never be complete if accidents happen on board. It is always best to stay safe to have a truly fantastic time on a yacht charter.

By Hisham

Hisham is a Dubai based professional associated with Travel and Tourism community, he has been a vetren in field of Organization Development and have traveld across the globe for both work and leasure. His passion for shareing knowledge about is travels started 4 years back during his stay in Europe when he initated a FB monologue called "Malang Ka Safar". He is a story teller with a sense of humor and would like to address the common traveler's challenges and need to know whenever he covers any of his experiances.

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